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Kelly Barlow

Fitness Trainer, Founder

Kelly has been actively involved in the fitness industry for over 30 years. As a collegiate athlete playing basketball, she was introduced to many facets of fitness and continued on in College to earn a Master of Education in Health and Fitness. Kelly found her love for Pilates 18 years ago after having her 5th child. Through Pilates, she found balance, strength, increased flexibility, and body awareness and earned her certification to share this love with others. While working in the fitness Industry she discovered how TRX suspension training and barre complemented the practice of Pilates and incorporated both into her training. Kelly enjoys working with all populations and fitness levels and looks forward to meeting you!

We're here to bring you a fun workout.
The Pilates Barre Mood Board.png


Fitness Trainer

Deb has an extensive fitness background including serving as the lead physical trainer and health and wellness instructor for the Massachusetts Municipal Police Training Committee with Nine active years at the Weymouth and Randolph Police academies. Thank you Deb! She has earned over 12 certifications covering pilates, barre, yoga, Tai Chi, and strength training…to name a few! The Pilates Barre is honored to have Deb with her extensive background and motivating personality.

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“I’ve been taking private weekly classes from The Pilates Barre and Kelly is amazing. Her skill training on core strength and flexibility has added a new focus to my cardio and weight workout routines. She targets new muscle groups making each session unique creating added awareness, energy and strength to my other exercise activities. The Pilates Barre is exciting and really does make a difference.”

Dicky T.

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